For occasions such as . . . Anniversary, Retirement, Birthday, Get Well, Thanks, Proposal, I Love You, I Miss You, House-Warming, I'm Sorry, Good Luck, Graduation, You're Leaving, Let's do it again, New Baby, Congratulations, Wedding, Just for the heck of it, How about a raise, Pay up, Let's go out, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, New Years Day . . . and many others.

Singing Telegrams . . . sung in Italian, Spanish, French, German or, of course, English. Delivered in a bow tie, boater hat, and colorful tuxedo (or other costume of your choice—see below) with an original song and ukulele accompaniment.

Father Guido, A.P.P (All Purpose Priest) . . . provides stand-up comedy tailored to information supplied by you and includes generic blessings (for birthday, wedding, retirement, anniversary, etc.), cut-rate confessions (fax-a-sin), holy magic (God willing), and more.

Clowns . . . including Garbanzo the Human Bean, Daisy, Mr. Kazoo, and Otto the Balloon Man. Gentle Clowns entertain with general silliness, some magic, face-painting and/or balloon sculptures.

Children's Characters . . . include Magician, Princess, and other non-licensed characters.

Holiday Characters . . . such as Santa and the Easter Bunny.

Many other costumes and characters . . . such as Baby, Banana, Belly Dancer, Chef, Chicken, Coyboy/Cowgirl, Cupid, Doctor/Dentist, Gorilla - Blackie or Pinkie, Graduate, Hawaiian Player, Hula Dancer, Inspector SoClueLess, Lorenzo the Great, Mime, Monk, Officer, Queen, Robin Hood, Serviceman/Servicewoman, Strolling Entertainers, Women's Trio—and others always being developed.